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Boarder Security - Extremes Are Not the Answer

Wanna talk boarder security? The challenge of immigration policy is finding a balance that respects national sovereignty while also acknowledging the humanitarian and economic aspects of migration. It's clear that neither extreme—mass deportation nor completely closing the borders—is a viable or humane solution. The inefficacy of the current representation to address these issues highlights the need for fresh perspectives and innovative solutions in our legislative bodies.

Addressing the influence of international organizations like the United Nations on U.S. immigration policy requires a delicate balance. While global cooperation and adherence to international standards are important, U.S. policy must prioritize national interests and sovereignty. The goals set by the U.N. for immigration standards by 2030 should be considered within the context of what is best for the United States and its citizens.

Immigration is indeed necessary for the growth and dynamism of our economy, but it must be managed in a way that ensures newcomers can integrate successfully. This means providing access to jobs and skills training, which not only aids in legal immigration but also supports the economic fabric of our nation. A comprehensive immigration reform that includes these elements, along with improved border security and a fair, efficient legal immigration process, can help us meet the needs of our country while respecting the rights and dignity of those seeking a better life in the United States.

As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, I am committed to working towards pragmatic and compassionate immigration policies that uphold our values as a nation of immigrants while ensuring our security and prosperity. It's time for new leadership that can move beyond partisan deadlock and work towards solutions that reflect the complexity of this issue and the values of our nation.

Alycia R. Gruenhagen

U.S. Senate Candidate


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