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Believe in the Power of Your Voice - My View On Term Limits ✨️

I'm not a fan of term limits. Why? Because experience and wisdom matter! We need leaders who know the ropes to avoid the constant turnover of rookies.

My perspective on term limits is a reflection the principles of freedom and democracy that have shaped us from the foundations of this country. I honor the importance of allowing the electorate to decide who represents them, without arbitrary restrictions. It's a testament to my belief in the wisdom and discernment of the voters to make informed decisions about their leaders.

By advocating for the unrestricted ability of individuals to run for office and for voters to support their preferred candidates, regardless of the duration of their service, we're championing a more open and democratic political process. This approach trusts in the democratic process to bring about change or continuity as desired by the electorate, rather than imposing limits through legislation.

It's crucial to balance this freedom with checks and balances that ensure accountability, transparency, and the prevention of power consolidation. Encouraging active civic engagement, fostering a competitive political environment, and holding leaders accountable are all essential to maintaining a healthy democracy where freedom and the voice of the people are preserved.


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