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My Views

Dear Voters,


To honor your vote, I would like to say I ran to represent the people of Minnesota. There is a reason I left my priorities limited to UNITE, RESTORE and RENEW Minnesota. In order to move as a nation, forward we will need to work TOGETHER and UNITE to solve the challenges we face collectively. 



I am a conservative from the heart of rural Minnesota. I am a nurturer in community and appreciate creativity/expression/art which is what made me decide to run for office. I think these values are critical right now as we develop businesses and transition from the baby-boomers to the current generation driving our economy forward. I am looking to ignite the younger crowd because we need leaders and business owners. I'm a grower of plants (gardener) and businesses. I am in favor of our natural spaces. I am a freedom lover.  I am committed to upholding the Constitution and the freedom to think and act as responsible citizens. We are a democracy in a republic, we should have a vote and a say in the way our government is run. 



Regarding the current state of Law Enforcement on the mind of a lot of people, I do support our law enforcement and military. Why make any laws whatsoever if we are not going to enforce them? These men and women need to be lead by their departments and agencies. Their values and ideals lead the officers in what decisions they need to make in difficult moments. Leadership is where change begins, and we should be talking to these men and women and holding them accountable for change rather than officers who have been hired and trained to carry out orders.

Getting back to some of my campaign themes I have 3 primary messages: UNITE, RESTORE and RENEW Minnesota and America... and all of this happens only by working together. The important issues we are facing require that our approach needs to change, so that we can work together. Polarizing political battles are hurting our causes, our people and our nation. What does it matter Democrat or Republican - Be a good citizen, practice love toward your neighbor, develop your community, that is how we will renew Minnesota and America like we have done for generations.




On the issue of abortion - again what does it matter Democrat or Republican - this is a matter of the heart, not a political issue. As Americans we need need to spend more time loving our youth, training them up and investing in them on a heart level - our children are our future. That is where we begin to realize the value of a life. As a Christian, I believe we are to let God be God in all circumstance and not take life in our own hands. It is very clear to me that God is the giver of life and nothing we do should interfere with his much higher knowledge and wisdom. I feel the same about capitol punishment - I do not support humans playing God and taking life into their own hands regardless of the circumstances.


In Minnesota there are lot of challenges including food access, access to quality medical care and improved educational opportunities which we all benefit from. We need to work together on improving opportunities in our state with these concerns being our priority. I love Minnesota and I want to see our state continue to shine through good stewardship and brilliant businesses like it has for many generations. In my opinion that happens in three primary ways... UNITE as citizens, RESTORE order to our government and RENEW Minnesota and America by working together. Above all, I believe we can come together CHERISHING our FREEDOMS and LIBERTIES while still maintaining our INDIVIDUALISM.



We need to work together to solve the challenges...

I am running to represent the people.

... our basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Leadership is where change begins...

Be a good citizen, practice love toward your neighbors, develop our communities, renew Minnesota...

- our children are our future.

Alycia R. Gruenhagen

Candidate for
United States Senate

I believe we can come together cherishing our freedoms and liberties while still maintaining our individualism.

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